3 Reliable Maintenance Tips for Your Window Roller Shutters

If you have installed window roller shutters to reinforce security in your home, you need to ensure they are in excellent condition and work properly. Residential roller shutters have become popular due to their effectiveness in securing homes and businesses. They come in various specifications and can be customised to suit your requirements. Moreover, there are user-friendly and require minimal maintenance throughout their lifetime.

If your window roller shutters aren't functioning smoothly and accurately, they could be fully and partially damaged and will need to be repaired by a specialist. Usually, the expert will visit your home to access the defective roller shutter, then fix it accordingly. Fortunately, you can prevent this by maintaining and servicing your roller shutters often. The following tips should get you started.


Window shutters can only be safe for use if they're regularly cleaned, both internally and externally. The exteriors are mostly dirtier, due to their exposure to dirt, dust and other severe weather conditions, but can be easily cleaned with water, detergent, and sponge. Because some detergents can cause discolouration, make sure you wipe the roller shutters immediately. Bleach may also be used if you are dealing with tough stains. Don't forget to clean the motors and chains as well as the locking system. By cleaning your roller shutters regularly, you will give them a shiny, good look.


Your roller shutters need to be lubricated so they can function smoothly. Find the right lubricant and schedule a routine for lubricating the roller shutters. This way, you'll be sure they move smoothly and won't become rusty. Be sure to confirm with the manufacturer if the shutters need to be lubricated overtime or not — some of them have self-lubrication while others need coating from time to time. The manufacturer should be able to recommend the ideal lubricant.


During usage, your roller shutters will experience minor wear and tear. This is often accelerated when some parts are exposed to the harsh weather. The locking system can also become loose, making it easier for burglars to take advantage of the weakness. Because of this, you should never ignore any minor problems. When you address the issues immediately, you will avoid complex issues that will cost you more to repair. So, whenever one part of the roller shutters become faulty, ensure you get it fixed. Additionally, any worn-out parts will be replaced in time, preventing costly repairs.