3 Likely Reasons for Your Garage Door Woes

Windows and doors are the most common entryways into homes during break-ins. With a garage door that is not working properly, criminal elements stand a greater chance of gaining access to your home when you are not around or you are sound asleep at night. The causes of problems with garage doors are many and can be extensive but here are a few common ones every homeowner with an automated garage door should be aware of.

Damaged garage door springs

These components are what make it possible to move the garage door. When they break or get damaged due to normal use, they will no longer stretch to open or close the door as you may want. Having faulty springs can be costly and dangerous if the problem is not fixed immediately. If the full weight of your garage door came hitting down on your antique exhibition car then having an insurance cover might not be very consoling after all. So why should you expose your car to such a risk? Replace the springs and prevent looming disaster!

If one of the side-mounted springs is weak, change both springs as it may have caused the other spring to weaken, even if not proportionately. It is prudent to inspect your garage door springs every now and then to increase chances of detecting wear early enough.

Failed garage door opener remote

In other cases, it is not the garage door itself that may be the source of the problem but the garage door opener remote. This is essentially an electronic device that allows drivers to open and close the garage door without getting out of their vehicles. If you realize that the hard-wired button located outside your garage works but the remote does not, then it is likely that there might be a problem with the handheld gadget. A quick fix for the problem would be to replace it straightway. But if you are somewhat good with electronics, you can spare a little bit of your time to troubleshoot what the problem is.

Problem with the track

If your teenager accidentally rammed a car into your garage door again, its track may have been bend out of shape. A garage door that has a misaligned track is unsafe and unstable. Fixing the problem will involve adjusting the track back to the correct alignment with the rollers. 

Keep in mind that proper installation, operation, and maintenance of your garage door are essential to ensure safe and reliable operation.