Sliding Doors Ideal for Large Farm Sheds

There are many different types of doors that can be attached to large farm sheds. Some have rollover features and others can look similar to residential doors, but sliding doors are the primary option for sheds. A sliding door is the most economical and functional door choice for large farm sheds.

No Internal Space Used

The main benefit of having a sliding door attached is that no space needs to be used within the interior of the farm shed. Rollover doors require extensive gears and other types of equipment to be attached on the inside, but a sliding door does not need to be installed to accommodate any swinging motion. This allows for the most efficient use of space on both the inside and exterior of the shed. The most popular way for sliding doors to be hung involves the use of a beam and rollers attached to a track. However, this rolling system can be externally hung to save on space.

Sliding Door Types

There are two primary types of sliding doors that can be attached. These types are predominantly referred to as weather tight or non-weather tight doors. Weather tight versions are designed to be more lightweight and are more often used in residential areas. These sliding doors can be attached to patios and inside the home. They are often made from glass. Non-weather tight sliding doors are the type that is often installed in large farm sheds. Having a waterproof seal is not a major concern for these types of doors. It is possible to protect non-weather tight sliding doors that are installed externally using flashing. This weatherproof flashing is designed to offer protection and limit the incidence of leaking.

Opening and Closing

The major concern with large sliding doors attached to sheds is ease of use. These doors are big and can be very heavy. This makes opening and closing them on your own more difficult. It is always important to consider the weight of the sliding door before you have it permanently attached to your shed. The rollers also need to be heavy enough to withstand the weight of the sliding door that is attached. Using an aluminium sliding door is the favourite option because it is more lightweight than wood alternatives. Most sliding doors are attached on the side of the shed that is longest because they require wall width to allow for the door to open and close effectively without any issues overtime.