4 Ways to Prevent a Burglary

The thought of burglary and theft is extremely frightening as you probably have heard horror stories of burglaries gone wrong. If you have ever been the victim of such a crime, you will know that it not only affects your financial and material wellbeing but also your emotional state.

Therefore, it is vital that you put measures in place to prevent a burglary from occurring. The key is to make your property as unwelcoming to an intruder as possible. Burglars target properties that are easily susceptible to break-ins. You will find below a couple of different ways that you can burglar proof your home.

Security Screens

Security screens make it extremely hard to gain entry into a property. If you get through the first obstacle of getting through a door or window, you are then faced with a giant security screen which makes it near impossible to break in. The screen cannot be kicked in. Even the simple presence of security screens on a house will be a deterrent in itself to potential burglars. If it stalls them in any way from making a quick theft, they'll likely move on to another home.

Security Doors and Windows

By installing security doors and windows in your house, you are making it extremely hard for an intruder to break through the first line of defence. Security doors will have heavy duty screws which are secured into metal fixtures which will make it hard to break through. The majority of household break-ins occur through either the back or front door. Therefore, by installing security doors, you can sleep easy at night knowing you have tough defences in place.

Motion Sensor Lights

These are lights that will automatically turn on when they sense movement. Burglars want to break in to your home out of sight and in the dark. These lights are great for deterring nighttime break-ins.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

If you have a friendly community, you and your neighbours will be able to easily identify any shady characters that are hanging around the place.  By maintaining good relationships with your neighbours, you can pass on any information that may be helpful and inform the community of preventative measures they can take to prevent burglaries.

Whether you invest in security screens and security doors or simply keep in touch with neighbours, the key theme is to make your property look as unfriendly to a burglar as possible. Learn more by contacting companies like Aus Secure.