2 Easy Tips for Adding to Your Home’s Overall Security

Improving your home's security doesn't mean taking away from its appearance, as you can often install security features that are also very attractive and which actually make your home look better, or at the very least are very unobtrusive. If you're concerned about the security and safety of your home but don't want to add bulky security cameras to the entryway or have floodlights going on every time a squirrel runs across your yard, note the following tips.

1. Add swing gates to the end of your driveway

One favorite trick of thieves and intruders is to approach a home under some guise or ruse, so they can stand on a porch and look inside the windows and note if there is something inside worth stealing. They may tell the homeowner that they're having people sign a petition or are lost and need directions, but they do this to "case" the home before breaking in. They may also do a quick check of the door locks when the homeowner opens the door.

You can stop this from happening by adding swing gates to the end of your driveway. This stops any and all visitors at your driveway and doesn't allow them to approach your home under this type of pretense. You can install a speaker system so that you can talk to visitors at the driveway and decide if you'll let them approach, but if they can't get to your porch and see into your home, they may decide to move along to an easier target. This swing gate can actually look very attractive and stately, adding to your home's appearance as well as its safety.

2. Install a coded keypad for your doors

A coded keypad for your doors can be connected to a series of deadbolts that add security in two ways; one is that it makes is very difficult to just pick the locks of your doors when a code is needed to open it, and the second way is that three or five deadbolts is going to be more secure than just one. It's very difficult to kick open a door when it's locked with a deadbolt but virtually impossible to do so when there are three or five deadbolts keeping it shut.

These coded keypads are very unobtrusive and may look just like standard door locks but with a small keypad above the lock itself. This is a simple but very effective way of adding a layer of security to your front door without making the entryway look cluttered or imposing.

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