Important Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Roller garage doors can be a very good feature of your home if they are working properly. However, many homeowners do not know how to perform routine preventive maintenance on these doors so they end up developing several defects (such as becoming noisy). This article discusses some important maintenance tips that will help you to keep your roller garage door functioning seamlessly.

Know Where NOT TO Lubricate

While spraying a lubricant like a lithium spray can eliminate the noise you hear when you open the garage door, not all components need this lubrication. In fact, it can be detrimental to spray certain parts of your garage door with lubricants. For instance, spraying a lubricant on the door track or bottom of the chain rail is wrong. This is because the lubricant will act as a trap for dust and other debris, thereby compromising the functioning of the roller door. The lubricant can be applied on the rollers, arm bar, hinges and the upper part of the chain rail. That lubricant will minimize the noise that you hear as the garage door opens.

Realign the Door Sensors

Have you noticed the garage door sensor lights are blinking on and off? That is a sign that those sensors have moved out of alignment. You can resolve this simple thing on your own. All you have to do is to get hold of each sensor and move it so that each sensor is facing the other. You will know that they are properly aligned when their lights stop blinking on and off and instead stay on. The user manual of your garage door will direct you on where to find the sensors, in case you do not know their location.

Know How to Reset the Garage Door Opener

If you notice that your roller garage door opens briefly before closing itself, chances are high that its opener needs to be reset. You can read the manual to find out the specific steps to follow to reset your particular opener. However, most garage door openers can be reset in a similar way as outlined here. Unplug the roller door opener and wait for a few seconds. Replace the plug into the power source and immediately press the button that opens the roller door. Keep your finger on that button until the door reaches the bottom. Then press the "set" button. The next step is for you to press the "up" button (open) and hold it down until the garage door has almost reached the opener. Then press the set button once again. Your garage door will have been reset successfully.

Use the tips above to keep your roller garage door in excellent condition and you will have little need for the repair technician. For more information, contact a business such as 89 Enterprises.